Defining Wellness

Self-Care Mantra- Learn how to take your power back. Her advice for staying sane in 2022: Delia defines self-care as a scared practice of coming home to ourselves. “There’s always a porch light on to welcome us back. You just have to listen closely for the directions leading you there.” she explains a simple have she encourages is pausing to check in with yourself throughout day: “Notice any ways that your mind body, or environment are signaling imbalance or for out to slow down, drink more water, eat or drink less of something, have healthy meal , reach out to someone , take a break, spend time in solitude, go into nature, dance or listen to music. In fact, Delia credits dancing as a powerful way to transform how you’re feeling: “It’s a free somatic practice that not only physically moves the body but also moves emotions and stagnate energy- Lala Delia

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  2. You self-love is a personal thing. It’s how you feel like loving on yourself. But it’s essential to a successful, balanced, and healthy life. Yesterday was the end of my term. Those two classes Fundamentals and Pharmacology was awesome classes but allowed somebody else’s situation make me lose focus. This morning I’m regretting it. Self-love is minding your own business and letting grown folks mind theres. Because one thing I’ve learned over and over again is that you’ll be upstairs in the fetal position crying and they’ll be downstairs he he’ Ing and ha ha’ ing. Take care of yourself. Over the support you can but never let someone else’s problem knock you off your feet.

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