RAVE -Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

RAVE to my husband who works graveyard shifts at a grocery store and buys newspapers to deliver to our older neighbors every morning. They are so thrilled when they open their front door to find the paper. That’s a great neighbor and a wonderful husband.

RAVE to the West Seattle grocery store employee who gave my 3-year-old daughter a day-old Thanksgiving “turkey” balloon while we were checking out. That small act of kindness turned into an entire day of fun with the balloon as her prized possession. Even the baby got into the action: The toddler clipped the balloon to him and “walked” him throughout the house holding a gravity free “leash.” Thank you!

RAVE to being a happy senior citizen living in Renton on Thanksgiving. The city put on a Thanksgiving meal for all 200 of us with free tickets at the Renton Senior Activity Center and they sent us home with a complete meal too. 

RAVE to the wonderful people who surprised three ladies in their 80s and 90s by anonymously paying for their meals at a restaurant on the waterfront! This was a special reunion for us as longtime friends who had not seen each other since before the pandemic. After enjoying a wonderful meal together and the beautiful view, we were totally surprised to learn from the waitress that our bill had been paid by another couple dining in the restaurant. We will never forget this act of generosity!

RAVE to the kind stranger outside the University District drugstore who left the $20 bill on my car windshield which must have unknowingly fallen out of my pocket. To continue and extend your graciousness, I’m donating twice that amount in your honor to the University District Food Bank and encourage others to do the same.  

RAVE to the wonderful volunteers who make handmade quilts for patients in palliative care at local hospitals. We received one during our mom’s passing. The quilt looked like a beautiful garden, just like my mom’s garden, meant to carry her peacefully to her next life. We would have loved to thank this volunteer personally!

RAVE to the King County Metro bus driver who not only will announce major intersections coming up but also every business establishment open. (He will announce fast food outlets, banks, grocery stores, etc. coming up at the next stop!)

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2 Responses to RAVE -Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

  1. Wynne Leon says:

    Love these – especially the one where the “raver” is donating twice the amount returned to them to the food bank. Talk about one kind act inspiring another!

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