Mushroom Soup’s return visit


When I was a child, my mother would always set an extra plate at dinner. When you asked her why she would say, “You never know who is hungry and may come knocking at your door.” I don’t set an extra plate, as we often sit at the kitchen island or in front of the tv. However, this morning I took out a bag of mushroom soup I had frozen a while back, and I was reminded of my mother’s words. No one showed up for dinner this evening, but it made me smile that I would have been ready to ladle them up a bowl.

To revive soup, chop a little garlic and onion and let sauté until golden brown, deglaze with a bit of wine if you like. Pour in soup. Chop a few mushrooms, after all, this soup has that earthy color and some may wonder “What the hell is this?” So, mushrooms are an easy refresher. Then add in milk and top with cilantro. To make it more of a hearty meal, add Costco marinated pork. Sear two minutes each side and cook off in the oven for 12 minutes. For full soup recipe click here


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  1. Great and I love having mushroom soup it gives lot of value.

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