The Creative Process


Rejoice in routine work- folding the clothes, cleaning the stove, sorting papers – that allows us to rest our thinking and make room in our minds for the creative to grow.- Calendar page

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9 Responses to The Creative Process

  1. Cloud Walker says:

    That is all I do lately is routine work!!!

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  2. So nicely noted. The Bible would say “do all things as if onto the Lord”. It’s in the routines of live I am learning to really enjoy my days more and the results. Hopefully I’m not creating ruts, lol.

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  3. atkokosplace says:

    Routine work is a big part of my day. Relaxing the mind as I do the work is how I get through it all. 🙂

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  4. jml297 says:

    So very true! Countless challenges in my life have been solved whilst I was doing something simple and repetitive. Washing up, hanging out laundry, even grocery shopping have all contributed to excellent problem solving. It is so simple but effective 😊

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