“You’ve probably had the experience of reading a book or an article and suddenly realizing that you’ve spaced out and missed the meaning of a whole passage. Of course, sometimes this is because you’re tired or not that interested in what you’re reading. but at other times and moments like this has something to tell you. Next time you glaze over reading, take a break. Look up from your book, sit back and see what’s up. Notice where your mind went when it wandered and let yourself follow the thought, whether it’s a familiar daydream, a memory, your grocery list, or a song. Maybe you can discover what took you there- scan back in the text. No pressure to find an answer – just be curious. Was there something on the page that triggered a fantasy? Did a certain word or phrase remind you of someone? Or was the pace in attention your mind’s way of avoiding something unpleasant? You might not be sure, but taking this minute to acknowledge that you were gone (and now you’re back) can be calming. It’s a nice, gentle alternative to scolding yourself for spacing out, and its lets you reengage with your book, refreshed – Edward Jones

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6 Responses to Daydreaming

  1. Yes! This totally happens to me, and I never considered it in this way. That’s so interesting!


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  2. I too never thought of looking at it this way.

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