Virtual Fashion Affair


First, let me say it: I cheated on Modcloth (if you’re not familiar with Modcloth, this is a great intro post) with Chicwish. Let me explain this sordid affair from the beginning. I stumbled across Chicwish while reading a blog. I thought omg I LOVE that skirt, I must purchase it. Big mistake. Not just because I NEVER even heard of them, but neither had any other woman I spoke to.

Nonetheless, there I was on Cyber Monday, putting in my credit card information oh so stupidly trusting. Days go, but my order still shows the status of order processing! I emailed customer service, and their reply was “Hi, we apologize for the delay since the skirt still in restocking status, it should back in stock in 3-4 business days. Once it come back will send it to you ASAP. Thank you for your patience.”(Yes, I noticed the choppy grammar) I tried to cut them some slack as Cyber Monday can wreck hell on inventory. A week later I contacted them again and got the following message “Hi there, we are sorry that if you still not receive your order. It has been shipped 2 weeks ago and should be delivered by now. We will issue a full refund to you in this case.” What the hell?! How could they have shipped it two weeks ago when it was on back order? Also, is it me or do they come across a little bitchey with “in this case” (Yes, they did refund my card)?

Though this affair gets better, I arrived home today and in my mail box was the skirt- nearly three months later. It’s not a happy surprise, as the skirt looks nothing like it did online. It is downright hideous. I am donating it. Has anyone had any positive experiences dealing with Chicwish? Can anyone really tell me they are better than Modcloth (which is the only non-brick and mortar store I purchase clothes at)? Are there any good online women’s clothing stores?




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3 Responses to Virtual Fashion Affair

  1. The skirt you received doesn’t look anything like the first picture in your post. I’m glad you got your money back.

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