Alphabet Adventures


This post is brought to you by the letter D. Okay, not really, but that is Esme’s theme of the month. Like her, I couldn’t think of any D foods beside Dates, Donuts, Duck, and Dumplings. Oh, wait I came up with Dandelion wine and Dim sum.  Luckily her rules read “challenge you to email me your dish/es, be it cooking or baking with any ingredient starting with a “D” which forms part of the title of your recipe.”

entered my recipe for Delicata Squash (what’s your D food? Tell me in the comments or  show me on instagram #reallifeofanmsw). I also know many bloggers are doing the alphabet challenge (no, I will not be doing it). I however, really like how  JML29  and how  Calliope Writing have tackled this challenge. I wonder- has anybody done this with food? I am curious what the hell does one make with X and Z?! Iif you’re looking for other recipes that start with D, check out these recipes.


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4 Responses to Alphabet Adventures

  1. Thank you so much for this great post and sharing. Hope to see you come back for the June Theme.


  2. By the way to answer your question on X and Z:
    Although there is no food that starts with the letter “x” in the English language, “xigua” is a Chinese word for watermelon
    Z = easy one – Zucchini, Zest and Zander also known as European pike perch.

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