When will there be time


I just finished listening to  Laura Vanderkam Ted Talk . I saved this as it reminds me to never give up MY hour a day   I schedule an hour for myself in the morning it is non negotiable. I always ask myself if you were being paid to do what you want for an hour would you? The answer is always a resounding YES. So, why not love myself enough to do it for free. I spend that hour either journaling, running, or reading through my pile of articles (181 to date). I enjoy reading through these articles, many of which I share with you and some that just make me think. One example is this one on suicide rates among girls skyrocketing 76%. This article Girls’ suicide rates spike as printed in September 6, 2007 (hey, I am making progress), and I wonder how much these numbers have changed. What has impacted the change? I wonder if guns still account for more than half of all suicides among young females, though death by hanging and suffocation became the most common method. I have jotted a note in my notebook to find out the answer to these questions as they interest me and will look into them sometime during my next free hour. Do you give yourself time? How do you spend it ?


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