Cutting Corners at the Grocery Store

Real Life of an MSW


I recently read this great article. It hit home for me, and is one I will share with all my young adults transferring into adulthood. Many of them will start off in minimum wage jobs and getting some type of benefits from the state. I grew up below the poverty line- that is no secret. It has scared me straight in adulthood, allowing me to live way below my means. This is none more obvious than when I grocery shop (I shop with  a list and coupons). Reading the section “Cutting Corners at the Grocery Store”, I found myself strongly shaking my head. I get it, life is busy, but we work hard for our money and time is often limited. So, let’s please stop giving it away. You can easily cut your own fruit at home or pack your snacks- here’s how. What are your money…

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3 Responses to Cutting Corners at the Grocery Store

  1. juliehcares says:

    You have to save these days. When a dozen eggs is over $2, and say you have $30 for the whole week, you need to start figuring out ways to get around pricing! Great job!

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