A Little Elegance



“On the eve of a big, round numbered birthday a few autumns ago, my sister and I spent a few days in Paris. Strolling into the backstreets of Le Marais, bathing in the mystical light of the reliquary-like Sainte-Chappelle, and prowling the ephemera at the flea market was lovely, of course, and exquisite sensory overload. But within a few days, we discovered other unexpected gifts from the City of Light: blisters and exhaustion. So, late in the afternoon, we’d stop and collect ourselves over a mellow Bordeaux or revitalizing espresso. Ever civilized, the Parisians would deliver a tray with drinks and little complement- a tiny dish of crisp, gently salted nuts or a few squares of delectable chocolate. Comfort and delicate elevation from the everyday delivered, yes, on a silver platter.

One visit to the Rodin Museum was fine with me. But those afternoon moments? I wanted more. I loved a little elegance, and a little time savoring was a thousand times more rejuvenating than a venti latte hurriedly inhaled on the way to something else. Those perfect interludes must have affected my sister in the same way, because for Christmas that year she bought me my own silver tray. It’s a mere 10/12 by 13 inches, and its stainless steel instead of “real” silver. But it’s softly mirrored surfaced manages to find and reflect a ray of calm that quiets the clamor of too many magazines in the living room and too many moments on my desk. The tray means it’s sit down and-be-civilized time. Relationship time. Savoring time.” – Marty Munson


I am sure I saved this piece because I believe everybody should have a representation of “Perfect Interludes”. In my home that item is a comically oversize bell that I found at one of my favorite antique shops. It sits in my vestibule. One ring means “Honey, I am home, but I just need a moment to be.” Ringing it like a mad person means, “I need a hug stat”, or “I have a car load of stuff to unload.” Either of those rings will break through our exterior and bring a smile to our faces. Then there are days that the bell just sits there like art and that is okay, as we know someone will ring it in time.

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  1. This brings back memories of Paris to me

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