Second Chance Opportunity :Pages of a Career Journal


Opening my career journal at random, I read the following page

Employers Email :”I pulled your resume and contact information from _ . I know that you were a therapist on her project and when I spoke to her about needing a similarly skilled/styled therapist she recommended you.Would you have interest in hearing about our current project? The broad brush stroke is that we are studying ingredients of effective treatment for suicidal adolescents and their families. We are well supplied at present with our _ cohort but are in need of individual therapists who can provide a manualized approach to supportive therapy. This is a _ funded project being conducted jointly with _ as well as three  other sites at. We need a therapist who can see _ kids per week and participate in a group supervision meeting (conducted jointly with the _ sites) and who can start (after training of course) very soon.If you’d be curious to learn more, I’d like to find a time to talk. If this isn’t a fit in your life right now I’d love to hear of any nominees you might offer.”.

My reply : I am sure my resume has revealed that I specialize with youth and young adults. So yes, I have interest in hearing about your current project 🙂 .  I also have plenty of questions : What is the length of this study? What is the age range of the youths seeking therapy? Where will sessions take place? What time of day would therapy sessions take place? My experience has proven that with working parents evenings often work best.  How often and what times does group supervision meetings (conducted jointly with the _ sites) take place? Does this position offer a stipend and/or clinical supervision hours? I look forward to your reply. You can also reach me at home in the evenings from 7:00-9:00 pm and please tell _ I said hello.

Employers Email : Excellent!  I’ve sketched out the basics below.  My thought is that it would be great to get an updated resume from you  that I can forward to our site supervisor. Then, assuming she agrees that you would be the kind of therapist we are looking for, we’d set up a meeting where she can help answer more of the treatment related questions you may have and ask some of her own.   

This reminds me that one should always do their best, because references and who you know are truly key to professional growth. On top of that page was a hand written Post-It that read “Being myself, saying yes to wonderful opportunities, but being wise enough to sit still and listen to a higher power and to formulate my next steps.” This is one of many entries that would help me discover that there was such a thing as a research therapist. It is a title I have come to love as a clinical social worker and it has scratched a huge curiosity itch. It is also a great way to get published in academic journals.

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2 Responses to Second Chance Opportunity :Pages of a Career Journal

  1. driftyness says:

    I love the idea of keeping a career journal. I think I’m in need of doing the same. I’m all over the place at the moment, but I do have good moments and experiences that make me realize there are more possibilities than I thought.

    Thank you for sharing this and I hope you have continued success! You seem so self-aware and I love that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. msw blog says:

    Thank you for the kind words, and a career journal is a interesting tool it has shown me I have good moments and experiences that make me realize there are more possibilities than I thought as well..


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