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Hi_; I’ve been filling these  things (liecensure verifications) out all week…so good timing. First question…Do you have a SW job yet? This is the correct credential you want, but you need to be working and under the supervision of an approved supervisor. That supervisor needs to send an attestation form in with your application. The correct fee is $95 as it looks to me. If you don’t have a job, FYI…we will be having an open social work position at _ (_ is leaving next week) so keep your eye on the website! I have given _, our BH manager your name and info. I think you should wait for the posting until you apply…stuff can get lost in the shuffle around here…I’ll let you know of other openings as they come up…I was at Tulle’s last Friday and thought of you as I was using your gift certificate …Thanks again! Hope you are well…let me know if you are still job hunting!


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Discovering the email above in my clinical supervision academic bin sent me back in time, and (surprisingly) with a host of emotions. I was thrilled I had built such wonderful connections through my practicums. I, however, couldn’t help but wonder if my thank you note and $10 gift card made me memorable. What pissed me off was I had graduated with a master’s degree and had no clue of how to apply for licensure, and the state’s website was so confusing- and still is. I have been fighting for years to make the licensure process more transparent. I want students to know the following: No, you don’t just get a master’s degree and are able to hang a shingle and start a private practice. No, your 2,500 hours of practicum you paid for does not count toward  your post supervision hours. No, preferred supervision lists or regulated rates do not exist. One must navigate the messiness on their own. Yes, there are groups you can sign up, but one shouldn’t have to.




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