Your Love Checkup

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I swear sometime this purging becomes a serendipity moment and it couldn’t be better than when I pulled out this article “Sex and Love: Your Annual Review”. I love the questions and feel that it is important to identify the positive things and adventures that fill you up. I thought that I would share them with you, so you can do your own review and develop a strategy on how you’ll kick off the up and coming year and establish a different route.

My Vitals for 2018

  • List your year in three words:
  • List your roughest moment:
  • List three people who made you happy:
  • List three people who drained you:
  • List when you felt most special:
  • List when you cried the most:

My Romantic Life

  • List when you felt sexist:
  • List how many dates you went on:
  • List how often you gave hugs and kisses

My Sex Drive :

  • List how many times youhad sex:
  • List how many times you had an orgasm:
  • What and who did you add to your sex life”

My Integrity

  • List three times you felt lied to:
  • List three times you were dishonest
  • List three times you were really honest

My 2019 Plan

  • The relationship I will nurture this year
  • My bedroom behavior will be :
  • My commitment to myself embodies
  • My biggest dream  for 2019:

KEEPING JOURNALSAre your eyes wide yet? What I have learned as a individual, and teach as a therapist is we cannot address what we won’t assess. Getting the benchmark of your heart helps you clarify where you are and reach your desired destination

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2 Responses to Your Love Checkup

  1. Paola says:

    I should do. Thank you. Happy New Year!


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