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Description of the major learning in this area for this quarter _ hosted two focus groups: one for all of its youth that it provides shelter and services to, and the other for all of _ staff. I attended the staff focus group where a consultant solicited feedback from all parties involved in the agency. _ is in the process of a complete overhaul from losing and gaining new programs, to writing a new mission statement. The current statement reads as follows: ā€œ_ serves youth and their families who are experiencing alienation, conflict, and homelessness. By developing resiliency, we create opportunities for success.ā€ I was delighted by the fact that the mission statement was on the agenda, as it is clear to anyone who comes in contact with the agency that they do not focus on families, but the youth who are abandoned by families. I also attended the _ Career forum, which provided practical career planning/development information through presentations and discussions led by different occupations. This was an inspiring event as it gave many of the youth hope and a glimpse into careers that they probably would not otherwise get to learn about. Additionally, the panel staff was willingly to work with kids on resumes, and help them to develop an academic and career service plan.

self-evaluation of competency and areas for growth: I am very aware that _ is a business although it is a “non-profit”. However, I need to increase my knowledge base as I still do not understand all policies, procedures, and resources it takes to re-brand an organization- especially one that has been around since _.

Practicum Instructorā€™s evaluation :Ā  _ continues to involve herself in the larger part of the agency by attending events at other locations. She continues to ask questions about the structure. In addition, she has been involved in some discussions about contract changes at _ and what it may look like if _ obtains a new contract.

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My practicum instructor nailed it! I am a person who is full of questions. I believe that is one of the traits that makes a good clinician. I love my front line of clinical work. It brings me joy and I love having enough professional pull that I have the ear of the grant writers and the researchers. I enjoy my seat at the boards I sit on and appreciate the respect that I am given, because Iā€™m often a voice that can speak for the patient and the family.

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