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Younger Self

Relationship advice to my younger self…don’t sacrifice your career for love if he really loved you, he wouldn’t want that. You don’t see him doing it do you?! –Sarah Silverman Positively Purging-I welcome your feedbacks in the comments and your … Continue reading

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Whose Mission? -Pages of a Career Journal

  β€œI ran my first group last Thursday. It turned out pretty well. I will be the community activities event planner/therapist. My mission is to help the youth plan activities and see how these events are relative to life and … Continue reading

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Time to downsize and consolidate nonprofits

“I agree with many of the things guest columnist Sonya Campion had to say in her article about Washington state nonprofits, many of which my wife and I support [β€œIt’s time for nonprofits to advocate for their missions,” Opinion, Nov. … Continue reading

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