Often, we feel the need for some peace and quiet, and when quiet is not to be found, it seems that peace cannot be found either. When you can’t shut out the world around you, here is a way to find spaciousness within the sounds of life. Sit comfortably. Take a few breaths in and out to get settled. Now instead of trying to take in all the sounds around you at once, locate just one specific sound Perhaps the soft whirring of an overheard fan. let your attention gentle stay with the sound for a while. Then find a different sound. maybe you hear a dog barking. After a few moments find another sound. Finally, relax your attention so that it expands to include all the sounds. You will notice that some came and go and seems stay, but all of them change. This is the soundscape of your day, made up of noises and the spaces between the noises. Let the sound wash over you like the wind –Cyndi Lee

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6 Responses to Soundscape

  1. I didn’t know i needed this until i was reading through. Thank you. It helped. 🌸🌺

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  2. This is so calming. Thank you! 🙂

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  3. jml297 says:

    What a great way to pause and reconnect with the world around you – thanks for sharing 😌

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