Patience and Promise


Practicum instructor narrative evaluation:_____  has definitely shown a great interest in providing direct services to patients/clients. _____ continues to be very motivated and enthusiastic about her learning experience with our program, which is amazing with all she has on her plate._____ has transitioned a lot this quarter as she has moved from shadowing to providing eligibility information , she has moved from shadowing in patients visits (along with medical providers and with MSW PI) and she has moved into shadowing , our o-occurring team for her direct practice experience.  _____ has become a part oaf our integrated healthcare team and is continuing to create relationships with our patients as well as with other team members. I know that at times it has been a challenge to work with some of our team members and _____ is showing patience and promise. Our team has remarked on how nice it is to work with  _____ and how she is becoming a valuable part of the team.

This was truly the quarter I “joined” the team and it’s a glorious educational secret society. I am sure this is what led me to feel like the entitled intern. To anyone who is volunteering, interning, or in the middle of a practicum I want you to repeat every day before you start your shift “I am the Help.” I also am making this post required reading so that you won’t fall into the entailment trap that I did.



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