Job Shadowing: An Overview 🌱

Student’s description of areas of competency and areas for growth This quarter I have begun to delve more into the clinical side of social work by shadowing two clinical counselors, sitting in on their evening debriefings, attending clinical meetings, and being allowed to run the occasional therapeutic session. Running groups has allowed me to began to develop my own style in addtion to utilizing some of the tools and techqnuies that I have learned in the Universities Social Work (MSW) program. This opportunity has also led me to explore, in more depth, the similarities and differences in methods, teaching, and the services provided by counselors, therapist, and social workers.  –I have the people skills, knowledge and first-hand “life” experience to work with other individuals and help create the best tools, workshops, and group sessions to help the young homeless population. Areas of growth for me would be to become more familiar with the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) for diagnosing clients. My note taking and report wring skills could also be strengthened.

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Reviewing this I smile, as this is when my scholarship/student loan began to pay off. To any student or graduate reading, the best advice I can give you is “This is your time to learn, to sit comfortably with silence” Do not interrupt one’s sessions. You are there to be a fly on the wall. This is the time to be sharpening your listening and visual cue skills. If you’re wondering how to make the client feel comfortable- this is not your job. It is the therapist’s job. When a student is shadowing me, I often say “This is_, s/he will be sitting in on our assessment to observe only. Please note s/he will be taking notes, so we can discuss clinical technique and tools after your session.” If a client protests, I ask them why they feel uncomfortable .I often learn its due to privacy concerns, which is when I go over the privacy policy again. It is also best practice to do this at every session.

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