Student’s competency and areas for growth_________ this quarter I worked with several youth who are on the verge of ageing out of adolescent living and transcending into over 18 housing. This has been a great learning experience to see how agencies such as ______________ and the YMCA work together as a unit to keep youth in stable housing living environments. I was also impressed to learn more about agencies such as _______, which provides youth who have had previous substance abuse problems with services including household supplies, medical care, and mental health care. Delivering such services to such a vulnerable population is a clear way to begin to end poverty.

Evaluation of student’s competency and areas for growth My strength is I am often present and inquiring on issues regarding the youth that are served through these contracts, public polices, and the effects of grants that are available for homeless youth.

Practicum instructor evaluation of student’s competency and areas for growth. I must agree with ________ that she is willingly to inquire about the meaning and reasoning behind issues, which is very important. She does this for not only her own understanding, but to be able to explain to the youth the reason that decisions are made. It is important that we communicate these reasonings to our youth and she had done a great job doing that.

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