Moments of Grace


I’ve worked at eight Publix grocery stores over the last 16 years, and people come in needling all kinds of things beside food. They’re in a hurry, trying to buy their stuff and get home, somethings on their last nerve. With some, you can tell you’re the only person they’ll speak to all day. Others, you see their worry that thy can’t afford groceries because the balance on their card is low. You watch them eye the total, maybe ask to put something back. I have a rule: if someone’s card is declined, I say, “Let’s try this on another register” and move them say so they’re not handling this with an audience. More than once I’ve pulled out my card and paid for someone’s groceries. This is food; they need it. Other people come in looking for an argument. I find they’re the easiest to be kind to because they don’t expect it. They want to rile you to rile you up like they’re riled up, but when you’re nice to them, they’re often stunned into being nice right back. And then there are the moments when being kind to a customers pure joy. Once, a young mom came in and said, “We don’t have family in the area. Can you sing happy birthday to my son? He’s turning 3 today” Ten of us gathered to sing to him, and we gave him a cake and a balloon. That kid was so happy. That was a good day. – Andrea Vasquez

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2 Responses to Moments of Grace

  1. adguru101 says:

    That’s so wonderful. The world could use more people like her. xxxx Alisa

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