Mentoring style?

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What is your mentoring style? I’m constantly teaching and enriching my team because I want them to learn and grow and move up in the company. Either that, or I want them to move out but always have a positive outlook on what they learned during their time with me. You know, something one of my Harvard professors said was “Feedback on the run is better than none.” I used to feel like you had to have this, like, formal meeting in order to give or receive feedback. But sometimes you just don’t have time. Especially if you’re a startup, or you’re busy, or you’re going through a raise, or a sale, or mergers and acquisitions, or just drama, whatever it is. If you’re running to the bathroom and they’re in the hallway, there is nothing wrong with giving them 30 seconds of feedback. Just make sure it has a positive spin so it doesn’t sound crazy. What is a question entrepreneurs don’t ask their mentors enough? To be hard as hell on me. To hurt my feelings. To be so blunt that I might cry myself to sleep at night. But then I get up the next morning and I’m ready to attack my problem. – Tyra Banks

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5 Responses to Mentoring style?

  1. I think kindness plays an important part in mentoring. People will never forget how you made the lm feel.

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  2. Sophia Ismaa says:

    Feedback is good, but it can become tiring because there’s a fine line between delivering constructive feedback and nitpicking. I find pep talks a little patronising. But I’m assuming you adapt your mentoring methods to each person. For me, explaining the rationale behind something works great for me.

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    • msw blog says:

      Many a times there are wrong people who very often teach us the right lessons in life. They are not out to hurt us but teach us what life is really all about. That is called life experience.


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