Smokeless Break

My supervisor recently got very angry when a few employees lined up at the time clock shortly before quitting time. She said we must keep working every minute until the end of our shift. However, her concern for productivity seems hypocritical, as she regularly wastes time taking smoke breaks.

Twice a day, our supervisor and department manager go outside and spend 15 minutes smoking and chatting. One of our co-workers occasionally joins them, and they never complain about his missing work. How can we protest this unfair company policy – No Smoke


I didn’t agree with anything this gentleman said. I am a nonsmoker, and I wouldn’t complain to my manager about the lack of productivity in the office. Nor would I take this issue to human resources. Instead, I advise when the group of smokers walk past you for second, third, and fourth smoke break of the day, you wait 30 seconds and you take yourself on a non-smoke break. If the smokers are hanging out near the right side of the building, you go left. Take a deep mindful breath, walk two or three blocks, and take in your surroundings and fresh air. Then return to work. You will be rejuvenated enough to keep your head down and do your work until your next smokeless break. Research has shown on average smokers average five cigarettes per workday- that is an average of 40 to 60 minutes a day. So, yes, embrace the smokeless mindfulness breaks. Your level of mindfulness will show you’re more productive after a walk about in the fresh air. If your boss brings it up, then (and only then!) point out the discrepancy.

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5 Responses to Smokeless Break

  1. Being penalised for not being a smoker seems a bit skew whiff

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  2. Kally says:

    Good alternative instead of confrontation.

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