Beautiful Produce

I go to the local famers market and nerd out looking at beautiful produce. I especially love it when a new season takes over and beautiful blossoming sugar snap peas, tender asparagus and ramps replace winter root vegetables, or when a vender hands me a slice of apple to taste when fall arrives. It makes me feel connected to the seasons and my community – the farmers , my neighbors and other chefs buying for their restaurants. -Melissa King

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2 Responses to Beautiful Produce

  1. Miriam says:

    I do love a good Farmers Market, with all their fresh colourful produce.

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    • msw blog says:

      I used to genuinely enjoy my weekly visit to the farmer’s market. It allowed me to try new things, mingle with the farmers, swap gardening tips, and recipes. Since the pandemic it is no longer the same. One must make an online appointment and sign up for a time slot, and you are of course no longer able to snack and linger at booths. Therefore, I have opted out, and have signed up for a biweekly curated produce pantry box. That still gives me the same excitement that I once got from the farmer’s market.

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