The first five minutes I was holding back tears, because I was like, “Wow”, this is the first time I’m actually speaking about my feelings. And it’s not in a song. It doesn’t require notes. I don’t need to impress anybody with what it is that I’m actually doing. This is the first time “So I was holding a back tear even doing that. But after the first five minutes, I was surprised by how much I enjoy speaking to somebody, and somebody listening to me, and I don’t have to perform to do it.

But finding the right therapist is a process – because I went to therapy one time, years ago, and I feel like it stopped me from going for a long time. And then I found this new lady and its totally different experience. So, you have to find the right person for you, that you actually want to open up tp. But once you do that, a weight lifts off of you- just from speaking, just from telling your story, and that’s what Heaux Tales was. it’s like “Tell it, girl. Tell it. Set yourself free.” – Jazmine Sullivan

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