Real Life Culinary Questions 

I often get emails and direct messages (DMs) related to my nutrition and culinary choices. Today, enjoying some wine while sitting in my garden surrounded by herbs and beautiful blooms, I thought I would answer them.  

  1. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? No
  2. How big is your garden, and do you grow your own food? I have three outdoor gardens, and I no longer grow vegetables. 
  3. Did you change your pantry box provider, and are they expensive? Yes, in 2022 I changed to Full Circle. Expensive is a subjective term based on who you ask. I like Full Circle, as they offer various price points and various sizes.
  4. Do you cook every day? No, in the colder months I meal prep, in the warmer months we consume a lot of salads and charcuterie.
  5. Did you give up alcohol, I don’t see any new cocktail posts? No, I still enjoy a good cocktail. Last Christmas I got my spouse a three-month subscription to Shaker & Spoon, and now am kicking myself I didn’t share that adventure here on Real Life of an MSW. I did share on my Instagram page. 
  6. Do you still support Pike Place Herbs? Yes, I also discovered Calcutta spices.
  7. What is always in your fridge, freezer, and pantry?  I did a post on this several years ago, but will answer again. Fridge: wine, cheese, butter, bacon, freezer: edamame, shrimp, Trader Joe’s French fries, whole ginger. Pantry: olive oil, sesame oil, Costco microwave popcorn, dry pasta 
  8. I enjoy your What the Hell posts, but why are they all vegetables? I am a vegetarian( just joking, see above). Fruits and vegetables come in smaller quantities and more varieties, and are more affordable. 
  9. Do you and your spouse still co-cook? Yes, often, but we make it a habit to put away technology so very few of those meals make it to Real Life of an MSW.
  10. If you could shop anywhere for food, where would it be? Oh, that’s a tie. Costco on a Tuesday morning (the place is empty) or the last hour of a farmer’s market, when the bargains start.

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