Better Manage Your Time

5 Tips for Effectively Managing Your Time – Times Square Chronicles

There is no such thing as time management. You can’t make more time, save it up, stretch it or manipulate it Instead, try to learn how to manage your personal energy. Getting things done has more to do with how you feel. Are you energetic? Focused? Full of drive?

To review where you’re losing energy, you’ll need to review your life and habits. These questions can help:

— How well do you sleep? It’s tough to muster physical or mental energy if you’re tired. Something as simple as buying a new mattress can help.

— How organized are your possessions? If, for example, you want to get work done at home, it helps to create a clutter-free desk. A messy desk can destroy your focus.

— Do you have exciting goals? Motivation enhances emotional energy. For example, wasn’t it much easier to clean house if you were planning a party (before the pandemic)?

— Are you bored with life? Boredom springs from doing the same things over and over. Doing something new, such as getting a new puppy or joining an online group to discuss travel destinations, adds pizazz to your life.

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7 Responses to Better Manage Your Time

  1. Damyanti Biswas says:

    This was very helpful. Thank You for sharing this 🙂

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  2. Prior... says:

    Good stuff here

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  3. I agree. 24 hours is 24 hours. It’s what you decide to do with those 24 hours that makes the difference.

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