The Humming Breathe

When there’s an anxiety producing event looming -an important-an important presentation, dentist surgery, a first date – you can stat to calm your nerves the day before with this exercise…close your eyes and gently bring your lips together. Inhale though our nose. As you exhale (also through your noise), make a humming sound: “Mmmmm.” Let this hum last as long as it is comfortable. Then inhale and repeat. Don’t try control it too much. Just breathe in and hum out. If you try to extend the hum longer than is natural, you might tighten up. Play with the tone until you find the place where your “Mmmmm.” flow out in a comfortable, lowish pitch, audible but quiet enough that no one expect, say the person right next to you on the bus would hear it. The humming breathe has a way of losing your jaw, mouth lips, and tongue -area that tend to tense up when you’re nervous. Once you found your hum, repeat it whenever you start to feel anxiousness- whether you’re standing, sitting, or walking. Let it be easy and fun. Over the course of the day, the soothing effect will build, helping you become more and more relaxed for the big event

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