Principles for a Successful Marriage

  • Remember marriage is a partnership, marriage is hard work, mostly unpaid labor and you got work at it every day.
  • Remember your vows to love, cherish and respect each other.
  • Never put each other down in public…never embarrasses your mate
  • Never use sex as a weapon
  • Talk when you communicate there is no limit to what you can do
  • Don’t be afraid to commended and complement each
  • Don’t try to make your mate over
  • Try not to be angry at the same time.
  • Disagree if you must, but find ways not to be disagreeable
  • Check in / call in your mate has a right to know where you are
  • Educate each other about each other’s desires and needs
  • Each partner must be seen as an individual
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11 Responses to Principles for a Successful Marriage

  1. Thank you for the awesome tips! Another one is refrain from criticizing and publicly humiliating each other’s parents. Hire a professional psychologist to resolve internal issues instead of putting the blame on other immediate family members. Old people are human-beings deserving empathy and love too.

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    • msw blog says:

      I agree It is vital to work one self to resolve internal issues, as much as possible before marriage because if one doesn’t they will often project these emotions and ideas on to their love one. I also agree nothing every good every comes from talking trash about your spouses family. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Absolutely true and such valuable tips for a happy married life and an apt pic. too.

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  3. Bniconann says:

    Love these principles!

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  4. Great advice. Everyone thinking about getting married should read this.

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