Legacy is about honoring the power to create for you to write your own story and about creating that power for others. My work writes into the legacy of the many Black women who made me possible, from my great -grandmother to ancestors I will never know to the amazing Black artist and thinkers who inspire me just by existing -Tressie McMillan Cottom

I hope you build upon the legacy started by Black Women who have paved the way for me to continue passing the torch on. Storytelling is a gift that I am honored to share with so many. Black hair, has had a traumatic past, so it’s an essential part of my legacy to contribute to elevating our hairstyles – Lacey Redway

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3 Responses to Legacy

  1. Makes me want to run, the picture…..Legacy, it’s the only reason why I continue to vote!

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  2. I so miss my cardio! I may consider getting another treadmill but I don’t know. I love the pavement. I have a gym membership and yoga membership and I don’t do either….I need to b/c weight on me looks terrible.


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