Chocolate State of Mine

I came across the great blog The Recipe Hunter after she liked a few of my post. I loved her idea of theme of the month recipes. However, it looked like the odds were against me because her theme this month was chocolate. I wavered on submitting. Hell, I don’t bake (just try and find one baked good recipe in my kitchen adventures), not to mention I never entered a cooking  contest. Then my phone rang. It was my dear friend Abby. Before I could tell her about the contest, she was like “I just walked the dogs and it’s freezing out, do you have any more boozy hot chocolate you want to send me?” I laughed and said “What?” and proceeded to tell her about the contest. She was like “It says ANYTHING chocolate and your boozy hot chocolate was an awesome gift. It has three chocolates!” I informed her I didn’t know if Bailey’s was a chocolate. She retorted “Enter the damn contest.” I did as I was told and I “won” click here for recipe. I share this story with you not only because Esmé requested I reblog or link to her site, but also to say err on the side of saying yes, and be mindful of the serendipity moments in your life.
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6 Responses to Chocolate State of Mine

  1. Thank you for sharing. Hope to see your followers follow us and then start participating in April as this is an ongoing event of exchanging tried and tested recipes. I eill check out your friend as well. 😊😊😊

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  2. Congratulations!


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