Having It All

I came across an article that asked, “What does it mean to have it all?” I openly admit I am still pondering this question for myself at this stage of my very best life, but I loved these replies, and I ask you “What does it mean to have it all?”

Words work life balance and family on table collected with wooden cubes

  • Four months’ rent in the bank, student loans paid off , and 22 sites containing the words southern France in your search history
  • Knowing that nobody else’s success or happiness makes or breaks yours.
  • Being one size on top and another on the bottom, and buying the best trends for each
  • Having the brains of Hillary Clinton, the womb of Angeline Jolie , the badassry of Olive Pope and – what the what?! How about just some good genes from your parents, a solid education, and a real fun ringtone.
  • Working for a company (or a person possibly yourself) that gives you five mental health days a year
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3 Responses to Having It All

  1. When I’ve got my new knees I will have it all 🙂

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