The Talk


A great organization asked me to come and speak to a group of young women who looked like me. I sent them this post (I had the final say on revisions). I wanted these young girls to know I did not come from the life I live now. I am living a life better than I can imagine thanks to God. I wanted these young women to continue to embrace their style, courage, and energy- after all; it is what makes them uniquely powerful in our communities. I wanted to provide them with strength and tangible tools (stepping stones). So, I sat and drafted my presentation. Here are the highlights:

  1. Ask yourself, what do I want to be doing at 40?
  2. Make a plan and work it. You can tweak it along the way, the reality of the dream is in the details
  3. Reach out. You don’t have to do it alone.
  4. Save a little every week. Today start saving 5% automatic deposits from your paycheck. You’re not going miss 5%.
  5. Don’t accept negative thinking or people. Life is too short but do know the difference between criticism and constructive feedback.
  6. You are responsible for your actions. Grown women own their mistakes.
  7. Know you can love someone and walk away. Love does not mean putting your life on hold.
  8. Any job is better than no job and every job has something to teach you.
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