Musical Insight

“If possible, I would like to talk about music choices during my Group.  We’ve had some teens choosing music and the lyrics are really raunchy.  I realize that a lot of the music right now is like that, but some of this stuff is about rape and abortions and lots of cuss words.  It doesn’t feel like we should be listening to it.  I’d love to know your thoughts on Tuesday. Take care!  Have a great weekend!”


The question above arose through a  professional supervision group I was a part of, and came from a associate I admire. I also recall someone on this teleconference stating, “Maybe the therapist should check in with themselves to see why they find the music inappropriate”. I really like this suggestion, and it has taught me to check in with myself when something bothers me. I have since amended my practice and facilitating style. I have youth/young adults fill out a list of all their triggers in private. I also send out an electronic evaluation after each group, allowing time for each member to process the group and to give me their feedback. What would you do in this situation? Does music reflect a child’s behavior?


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2 Responses to Musical Insight

  1. I think much of this stuff is very destructive. Asking them what they make of it is a good practice

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    • msw blog says:

      With the population I work with (foster, homeless, at-risk) it can be very destructive as many of them have a hard time discerning truth, from artistic fiction. Yes, asking them what they feel without the pressure of their peers is vital. Thank you for reading.

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