Self-Confidence and Performance 🌱

Practicum Instructors Evaluation:______has done very well this quarter. She has a wealth of resources that she has shared with the youth and the staff. Her willingness to accept feedback has improved her clincal assessments. ______ needs to improve on her self-confidence in her knowledge. For example, she needs to speak up and not be timid when discussing youth at staff meetings or during groups.

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I shared this summary of myself with my students. Let’s just say many of them had a good laugh at the line “needs to improve on her self-confidence in her knowledge”. I shared this with them not to say look how far I come, but to show them nobody’s was born an expert. I was once in their shoes, hoping and praying I wouldn’t screw someone up. Clients often think therapists have a magic wand and we know all. I remind myself and my students daily that we are not God. We cannot do this work with a God complex. Social Work it is way more than just helping others and having a skill set to do so. It is about meeting individuals where they are at. It’s a way of being. It’s a space of understands kindness, activism, and helping those who do not have strength find their own and at their pace.

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