Group Work

Student’s Goal for future quarters : _ and I will continue to address the struggle and frustration of running a group. Instructors  evaluation of student learning : ________ has started a group where there wasn’t one. As adolescents do not want their time mediated by adults, but ________ has done a great job making the group fun, exciting and community/activity based. This allows for more youth engagement and “real-world” understanding of issues. ________ and I will continue to address the struggles and frustrations of running groups in the next quarter.

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I recall starting a petition to have the university start an elective in group work. My learning objective was clear. I wanted to learn the different dynamics of groups and how to properly facilitate a therapeutic one. The University never offered the elective during my time as a student, but I was blessed with a clinical supervisor that had an extensive background in group therapy and agreed to mentor me. We also wrote up a proposal for the University, advocating how important this skill was as many social workers would be asked to run some kind of group in their lifetime.

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