RAVE -Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

“I just can’t trust anyone,” my friend said through tears. “Every time I do, they hurt me.” Her story angered me—an ex-boyfriend, whom she really thought she could trust, had started spreading rumors about her as soon as they broke up. Struggling to trust again after a pain-filled childhood, this betrayal seemed just one more confirmation that people could not be trusted.
I struggled to find words that would comfort.  Until I remember the rant and rave  section and shared it with her. One thing I could not say was is its hard to find someone to fully trust, that most people are completely unkind and untrustworthy.

RAVE To the residents of a house near the top of an extremely steep hill in Magnolia who thoughtfully placed two folding chairs along the sidewalk with the sign “Please sit! Please don’t take the chairs.”

RAVE AND RANT To the people trying to get rid of their stuff with yard/garage sales but rant to those who don’t take their signs down afterward.

RAVE To the waste-management company whose employees took their personal time to come to our preschool to give the kids a close-up look at a garbage truck. The students were so happy and excited to see Troy The Trash Man in action!
RAVE To whoever planted the daffodils that bloom every March in the street divider in Ballard, an inspiring reminder of spring and natural beauty each year.

RAVE “: to the 911 dispatcher who called the Seattle Fire Department to check on a woman lying asleep on the sidewalk in the University District, in this very cold weather. The kindness shown to try to help her, listening patiently and offering to help as best they could was wonderful! Thanks to each of you!

RAVE to the person at the Mountlake Terrace QFC who noticed I had left $100 in the cash-back slot of the self-checkout lane. You made a point of telling staff about it and they were able to track me down in the parking lot. Your good deed is greatly appreciated and will be passed on

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6 Responses to RAVE -Little Acts of Thoughtfulness

  1. Miriam says:

    There are lots of good people in this world. If we choose to focus on the good more will follow. At least that’s my experience.

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  2. Thank you for the stories. Do you know that “confetti” in Italy are small sweet candies used for wedding, birth, degree …? 🙂

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