Silence of Therapy

Silence is not a thing we make; it is something into which we enter. It is always there… All we can make is noise. – Mother Maribel

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What to do with silence:

  • Give the individual a chance to talk before jumping in- don’t beat them to it due to your discomfort
  • Give the individual permission to talk (You can talk about whatever you want in here)
  • Consider introducing expressive arts activities
  • “Sometimes it’s hard to talk”; Sometimes it seems like talking won’t do any good.
  • If necessary, you can try propping questions (e.g., last week you were talking about…) be careful, you do not want to set your own agenda.
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8 Responses to Silence of Therapy

  1. Hamish says:

    Thank you for sharing such important lessons. I almost feel I am breaking them by leaving a comment!

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