Radom Act of Kindness


RAVE to the woman who got out of her car at a busy intersection to help a blind woman who started weaving into the lane find her way across the street. The traffic light eventually turned green, but the good Samaritan was still in the street with her car in park! The other drivers recognized this and waited to proceed across the intersection.

RAVE to O’Reilly Auto Parts for providing free “Check Engine Light” computer downloads that read what the problem is on a vehicle when the check engine light comes on. Even better is the fact O’Reilly is open seven days a week! While out of town on a recent weekend, the auto dealership told us to go to O’Reilly, which we did. We were relieved to learn the problem was minor so it was safe to drive 300 miles to get home.

RAVE to the two young men we noticed sitting at a table the other afternoon at Growler’s Alley Beer Garden in Seabrook in Grays Harbor County. One of you was obviously distraught and it was heartwarming witnessing your friend giving you a long, reassuring hug. We appreciated the gesture of one friend comforting the other, and were especially touched witnessing a man, comfortable enough with his own emotions and masculinity, so willing to step up and publicly comfort a friend in need. Not everyone can do that. We hope all is well for you both.

RAVE to the BECU employee who found my wallet, which I had dropped on the Green River Trail. She took the time to find my phone number and call to let me know it was safe and where I could pick it up. May your kindness and honesty return to you tenfold!

RAVE to the little boy walking with his mother and little sister who gave me a lovely pink petal. He had a stack of them to pass out. What a joyful gesture. Another rave to my 4-year-old neighbor telling me about her visit to the aquarium on her birthday. When I said I loved aquariums, she said, “Well, let’s go on your birthday.” I will be 82 and delighted to go. Bless the children.

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6 Responses to Radom Act of Kindness

  1. We need to read, see, and hear more about the good things people do.

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  2. wynneleon says:

    I love this wonderful list of delight! It truly brightened my morning and outlook. Bless you!

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  3. I love this. So very true.


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