Mandates and Incentives  

The large company I work for has offices throughout the United States. After Covid vaccines became available, a companywide email went out encouraging employees to send in pictures of our vaccination cards that would entitle us to a free gift card from an online retailer. I think this policy tricks employees into “telling on themselves” if they don’t get the vaccine and allows the company to track us. I am creeped out by this invasion of privacy! At the same time, I just moved into a new apartment and have never needed extra funds more than now. I am vaccinated, and the gift cards already exist. How hypocritical would I be to participate in a program that I thoroughly disapprove of? 


Reading this query, I could hear the words of my Papa (grandfather) in my head “Stand for something or fall for any damn old thing”. I would advise this individual to stand up for what  she believe in, and to start her job search for a higher paying position that will help her achieve the lifestyle she wants in the long run. Seeing that a gift card for vaccination seems like a one-time deal, that is not going to solve her issues in the long run. Regarding living in an empty space, I say embrace it. Furnishing one’s home should be a treasure hunt, not to mention once you live in a space for a while you have a better sense of what you really need.

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