In 2017, my friend since 1979 had spinal surgery. I stole time from my vigil to purchase a hospital coffee. Distracted, I left my purse behind, and it was stolen. Security insisted my wallet — with driver’s license, personal information and family pictures — would turn up. It did not. Weeks later, an envelope arrived at my former office at the University of Wyoming. Return address? None. Just: “Found Scattered on Street.” Contents: faculty ID, library card, a nearly empty gum packet, one stranger’s kindness and the warmth I feel for someone I have never met. — Pamela Galbreath

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6 Responses to Kindness

  1. Kindness is like building a bridge that will help you to cross over, but stingy people build a wall that obstruct them_Divine-Royalty

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  2. Isn’t that wonderful. Because of a kind act we can feel so much love for a stranger.


  3. I love this. I remember when I was young and I gave momma a wallet I found with money in it. It was on the curve. That has not happen to me in my adulthood. I wonder would I do the same today?

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