Just Communication

A few years ago, my girlfriend’s friend told her that I was hitting on her. My girlfriend asked her what I did to make her feel that way, she said, “He asked me questions, and when I answered them he followed up with questions about my answers.”

My girlfriend said, “How is that hitting on you?” and her friend said, “Men don’t listen to women, and then ask questions, without wanting something.”

That’s probably why my girlfriend and I have been together almost 20 years, while her friend has been divorced twice.

Love your column. — Dave

9 Effective Communication Techniques Everyone Should Know About

Dear Dave: Wait … are you hitting on me? (I love this. Thank you.)

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2 Responses to Just Communication

  1. I had to read this twice……

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    • msw blog says:

      I read it a couple of times, and posed the question in my,” What Would you Do? Seminars, and we had some colorful conversation around it. I thought I would post it here to also get individuals thinking, about communication and gender as well.

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