Creating More Time in the Day

1/ Create transitions. :“I realized I actually miss my commute; it provided a mental break and preparation time for the day. So now I re-create the feeling by starting and ending my day with a mock commute, by walking or biking around my neighborhood.” —CHRISTINE SCHINDLER, CEO, PathSpot

2/ Set two deadlines. “I’ve instituted a soft-stop, hard-stop process. I set an alarm to go off at 3 P.M. every weekday, which is my soft deadline. If I can stop working then, I do. If not, the alarm puts my brain into wrap-up mode and I’m sure to make my hard deadline—which is 5 P.M. I want to make sure work doesn’t consume me so that I live a life of great memories, activities, and people.”—LATICIA AUSTIN, founder, The Mobile Sophisticate

3/ Make new spaces. “I’ve created artificial divides in my home to better manage my time. I’ve converted my living room to a gym and my dining room to an office, and I use my patio for conference calls. Leaving doors closed between rooms and following this system gives me a much-needed change of scenery and adds structure to an easily blurred schedule.” —MATTHIAS METTERNICH, CEO, Art of Sport

7 Essential Time Management Skills and Strategies for Work | LiquidPlanner
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4 Responses to Creating More Time in the Day

  1. Michelle says:

    Great ideas- we definitely have to start to look at new ways to have work life balance is this new day and age.

    Thank you!


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