When to Clap Back

Reading this I let out a heavy sigh and my shoulder slumped, as this is an all-too-common occurrence for people of color in professional environments. I would not do as Gray, suggested and wait until I am in a place of power, as that may not happen anytime soon. Sometimes speaking up helps you climb the professional ladder a bit faster or at least sleep better at night.  I would suggest this individual send an email to her colleague pointing out the microaggressions. It’s tokenizing at best and informs her colleague she would be happy to reach out to the new employee to introduce herself and be collegial, offering any assistance they might need joining a new community. However, she will not speak to this individual about church or a place to get a haircut, unless the new employees inquire. Seeing, that as all people of color do not have the same religious affiliation or share the same cultural appearance, not to mention these topics can be seen as personal and sensitive topics to this employee.  How would you handle this situation?

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5 Responses to When to Clap Back

  1. Wow! Someone needs retraining in professionalism (do it yourself aren’t you trained for this?), maturity (you are not my parent & I am not your child) and humanity (the world is for everyone). I could not respect someone like this, especially because of the church & hair comments. Put her in the mailroom until she learns to deal with everyone AND be polite about it.

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    • msw blog says:

      I too wondered why she couldn’t do this herself, but then reading her comments about hair, and church. She would not be a good representation of the institution. I agree she needs to be retrained, but not sent to the mailroom, as those individuals don’t deserve such a negative, clueless coworker.


  2. adguru101 says:

    Whether or not this woman “meant well”, it’s important to point out that the comments were inappropriate. Speaking up and speaking out is the only way to correct and prevent this type of behavior.

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