Passive-Aggressive: Examples

The origami flower fluttered out of my  career journal. When I unwrapped and smoothed it out, it revealed notes from a work shop I had taken during graduate school. The page read:

Sometimes people unintentionally inconvenience you. For example, they may find it challenging to be on time, and their lateness may cause a negative chain reaction in your day. The behavior may not have the intention of bothering you, though.

When someone is late only when meeting with you, that may be an example of passive-aggressive behavior.

Explains common examples of passive-aggressive behaviors may include:

  1. making sarcastic comments at your expense, with the excuse of, “I was only joking”
  2. saying “yes” to projects and tasks with the intent of not completing them
  3. excluding you from group activities, like co-worker luncheons or casual coffee chats
  4. spitefully procrastinating to impact you, even if they care about the project
  5. acting as though something inconsequential you said or did caused them significant distress
  6. holding onto grudges to bring them up later, no matter how minor
  7. putting you down when asking for your help
  8. targeting the topics they know you’re sensitive about
  9. ignoring you, sometimes walking away from a conversation
  10. offering backhanded compliments, like “You look great today since you finally washed your hair”
  11. saying they misunderstood you any time you ask them to take responsibility
  12. using the silent treatment
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5 Responses to Passive-Aggressive: Examples

  1. jml297 says:

    Such an interesting post, and the examples of passive-aggressive behaviour really make me think about the ‘aggressive’ aspect of these kind of actions. Thanks for sharing 😌

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  2. Reaseaorg says:

    Interesting. Is like aggression in disguise really. Never guessed the flower wasn’t real so I guess that is in disguise too in a sense …

    Liked by 1 person

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