Reading Wisdom

I am positively purging. You won’t believe how many serendipity moments I have had personally reading these reflections. Have you had any (let me know in the comments)? I am also blown away by your words of wisdom. Here are just a few nuggets.



Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable.” Those are inspirational words for every adult and child. When someone tries to define us as odd because of one characteristic, then that is the characteristic we should nourish. I’m sure the funniest comedians were viewed as outlandish when they were children. Gailkaufman

Any dream is a good dream. — outanabout

Easier said than done when you are on your own. Do it anyway — derrickjknight

Purging feels great! Usually I set something off to the side and if I haven’t used it that year then BYE BYE!! — Findingthecalminchaos

Individuality let it be so but not selfish at the cost of others….Shiva

Love this – one of the reasons I find writing such a mindful pursuit —Goodgirlgapyear

Quite so. There is no true courage without fear—derrickjknight

Most times when I finally try what I was afraid of, I realize it’s wasn’t as difficult as I thought, and the fear was not even worth it. My mom says this all the time & I’ve started to follow suit. Another similar one is, ‘it’s just a season’.Blessings, redletters.

God has given us everything and we should give all we have to Him and His great commission!  — anchoredfreedom

Just Breathe—wtfaiblog

Good one – a bit like never finding anything until you stop looking for it — derrickjknight

Yes, absolutely and wisdom is a way to know what is Reality. Boundlessblessingsblog

OMG thinking is the worst! If you have overacting imagination you work yourself into a tizzy! ! — ercloudwalker

Yes, doing makes the dreams come true!! — Theshowersofblessing

The only things that come to mind right now are, everything and nothing —wtfaiblog

Grateful for all the blessings I have!!! Want more of …. time! Houstonphotojourney

You are right, study and practice is the best way to receive positive results. —courtneylivin

Yes indeed, but wouldn’t it be nice, to win, and think of the people and causes one could contribute to. As I take this small opportunity to say thank you and add that I enjoy your blog immensely—wtfaiblog

Words of truth. Stepping outside ones zip code is so rewarding and you never know what joy is there until you do. —Usathroughoureyes

We all r given so much why not donate to people who are less given— Boundlessblessingsblog

The simple things make the whole to be whole and also give its beauty! — Inaloveworld

Is there a possibility of being too content? —wtfaiblog

Wise words. Perseverance makes us stronger— outanabout

I agree with Vapor Sage…. oops too late. Its my story and sticking to it, lol. —Usathroughoureyes

Ah… you are so right. We can ‘over plan’ and end up sucking the fun out of life! —Mistymeadowsadventures

listen to the call cookie! I’ve played the lotto though on the numbers printed on the reverse, but the cookie said, “not today” — Houstonphotojourney

Very inspiring quote indeed. The one who gives, always receives– Anitabacha

All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us, and the change is painful Flannery O’Connor —wtfaiblog

first sponsor told me, 1. don’t sweat the small shit. 2. It’s all small shit. and somewhere I’ve read to wear life like a loose garment. and finally, reality is not the problem, it’s my reaction to it that is. —wtfaiblog


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7 Responses to Reading Wisdom

  1. A nice idea. Thank you for choosing some of mine

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  2. Wow such a wonderful read and loved the picture too of free poems. Great post.


  3. AJ says:

    All excellent words to live by!

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