Poverty Inequality 🌱

The activity that stands out most for me happened fall quarter after a house meeting. A staff member pulled the two foster youth aside and informed them that their case managers had gotten them backpacks and school supplies. I later asked him why he didn’t bring this up at the house meeting, and he informed me that he didn’t want the homeless youth to feel bad. I promptly informed him that this was an issue of poverty and inequality and if he would have shared this news with me before the meeting, I could have went online and printed out a list of places where the homeless kids could have received free backpacks and school supplies. His reply was a simply apology, and he informed me that he didn’t know that such a thing existed.

Student’s self-evaluation of competency and areas for growth: My area of strength is always to speak up for those who do not have a voice. The areas that I clearly can grow in are becoming more verbal and letting other staff know I have been working with homeless youth for over ten years and that I am a wealth of information.

Practicum Instructor’s evaluation of student learning in this area for this quarter. _ has a wealth of information regarding resources for youth. As she said, she needs to be more vocal about her knowledge and more confident to bring it up in groups, etc. During the _ anti-oppression workshop, one of the Caucasian male youth was upset as he felt that he is also oppressed because he is homeless. This allowed _to see numerous different sides of oppression and the way that youth may feel about oppression.

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Oh how I have grown. I have lost count how many people contact me for things today. I also have gotten a better understanding of oppression, particularly in today’s political climate.

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