Ordinary Days🌱

Practicum Instructors Evaluation :______was not involved in any specific projects this quarter although she demonstrated an awareness of what was going on in the community, funding cuts/changes as a result of the economy, etc. I hope that _____ will be able to participate in some advocacy efforts in the coming quarter (Youth Advocacy Day in _____) as well as sharing her impressions of the events and how they may empower young people.

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Oh, hindsight. I remember whining about lack of “action.” I love my supervisors’ descriptive  feedback., as under  student’s description of quarter I had simply written “Nothing new to evaluate this quarter”  This is a good time to point out to students its not always about the action. Sometimes it’s just about learning the ins and outs of a position well, being aware of the changes, and learning to respect the lulls in your position.

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