Research & Evaluations­čî▒

Student’s description of site-specific activities this quarter: This quarter I conducted two surveys.On the first, with the assistance of my practicum instructor, I developed an Employee and Volunteer Survey. This survey was used to establish a list of volunteer staff willing to assis with training, group sessions and other miscellaneous tasks. The second survey allowed me to work with providers and volunteers to develop a client service satisfaction survey. Both surveys were to determine what the clinic is doing well and to determine areas of improvement and to ensure clients are getting propere and adequate help. Responses to both surveys have been good and both have provided helpful and needed feedback. Student’s description of areas of competency and areas for growth: I am very competent in doing the literary reviews and compiling data. My area of growth is to learn how to implement the results of the surveys and questionnaires into tangible output.

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My first thought was to laugh and say this was well before the ease of Survey Monkey. It was hard work creating that tool. I continue to learn people will complain to complain; when you give them an outlet to provide solutions, they wonÔÇÖt. I loathe those people! Looking back, this is yet another seed planted into becoming a research therapist.

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