Developmental Knowledge 🌱

Student’s description of site-specific activities this quarter: To further my growth and developmental knowledge of the social workers’ profession. This quarter I attended a diverse Youth in Transition seminar, as well as Secondary Trauma training with author Laura Vandernoot-Lipsky. ___ and I also continue to meet after each shift to debrief. I attend staff meetings and clinical staff meetings, which occur bi-weekly to discuss case loads. Participating in these meetings provides invaluable insight to the clinical work that I have begun. All of these tasks continue to help me gain a better insight into the world of medical social work.

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I enjoyed Lipsky’s book, and probably should read it again and advised anyone who experiencing life to read it. I advised students to attend meetings, and workshops offered by their practicum sites. They are not just fillers but allow one  to learn the ins and outs of organizations, see the grey areas, and to find ones voice. There are often great insights into what you want your post graduate clinical supervision to look and feel like.

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