You give a gift and the recipient doesn’t thank you. What would you do in the situation?

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Three ways to handle it :

  1. That’s easy: Don’t give another one! -Jack Marshall
  2. This, is to me, is one of the most egregious ethical transgressions. After an objectionable amount of thankless time has passed, send an email that’s says “Hope you’re enjoying you’re our cilantro soy candle/subscription to Peafowl Quarterly/Clive Owen blow-up doll – Faith Sale
  3. If you give the gift to hear thank you, you probably gave it for the wrong reason. Just let it go and remember to say thank you next time you receive a present. -Pastor Rudy Rasmus

I am personally on the fence between number one and three. I like to think of gift giving as a kindness exchange. I believe the gifts should come from your heart first and your wallet second. I also think the phrase, “Thank you” is one of the most powerful sentences we can ever utter.


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9 Responses to Giftless

  1. If you send someone a Clive Owen blow up and they have no comment on the matter, you probably shouldn’t be their friend anyway.

    That said, when this happens to me I do a version of #2 and check in that the gift was received. You never know, sometimes it hasn’t been! Of course, when I hear that it was, I don’t follow up with rude questions about lack of thank yous 🙂


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  2. Giving has to come naturally and once given see the pleasure on the other person. Why ask that is not giving. Nice words of giving.

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  3. I’m with you. Particularly when the gift is posted. I generally ask whether it has been received and take it from there

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  4. jeffw5382 says:

    If you give anything with an expectation of anything it wasn’t a gift- Your own gratitude is a reflection of your character and is really enlightened self-interest

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